Do you have the full picture to firmly declare that all your supplier agreements are the best solutions for you?

Being on top of a large number of details and circumstances can be quite overwhelming, and getting a clear picture is not always as simple as that. For this reason many companies are literally bleeding money into expensive or, even worse, totally unnecessary agreements. Take the bull by the horns and optimise your vendor contracts to make sure you will only be paying for goods and services that you really need. You can save huge amounts by investing some time and effort to dig into these matters.

Your Missing Link has developed a process optimisation method where I will systematically review your contracts and in close dialogue with you ensure that your future solutions will best match your requirements. And that price and quality are well balanced.

In addition to reviewing your supplier agreements

I can analyse selected workflows and in cooperation with your key staff identify and recommend possible solutions for eliminating superfluous routines.

If you ask me to assist you with process optimisation I will not consider the job done until the new processes have been successfully implemented. In practice I will help you implement the new workflows and introduce your employees to them, and I will explain new procedures to suppliers and other business partners. Using this approach will ensure that all links in the chain will be backing your new processes.

Your Missing Link aka Henny Jensen is asking questions relating to a Process Optimisation assignment

Achieve substantial savings through process optimisation

Let me optimise your processes by reviewing existing supplier contracts such as

  • Car fleet
  • Cleaning services
  • Insurance policies
  • Copiers and printers
  • Phone subscriptions
  • Internet subscriptions
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Soft drink vending machines
  • Newspapers and trade magazines

In close dialogue with you I will recommend the cheaper and better solution in terms of time and money.

When speaking of process optimisation it is important to realise that a great deal of the saved resources relates to improving daily workflows. Quite often it is easier for external consultants like me to spot the opportunities for optimisation as we do not know the background of the routines and are therefore able to ask questions openly. Together we will identify whether there is a better way.

How a client saved a lot of money through process optimisation:

Atlas Copco Kompressorteknik A/S
Jesper Jensen, Service Manager and Country Coordinator

Jesper Jensen, Service Manager and Country Coordinator Atlas Copco Compressor Technique ScandinaviaWe were reimbursed approx. DKK 400,000

When reviewing and comparing invoices to contracts Henny discovered an overpayment of approx. DKK 400,000 (equivalent to approx. EUR 53,500) for telephone and internet subscriptions over a three-year period. Subscriptions that were supposed to be free of charge according to contract had been created incorrectly in the ERP system of the service provider.

Moreover, the provider had systematically charged us for internet subscriptions which were never physically established at the home addresses of our employees. The service provider admitted to the mistakes and returned the money.

In addition to this task, Henny has helped us negotiate better terms of payment with our suppliers. Besides a significant drop in default interest and reminder fees the extended payment terms have helped improve our reputation among our suppliers which is fully in line with Atlas Copco policy to establish and maintain good relations with all our partners in business.

We also assigned Henny to analyse various processes relating to our vendor management within the organisation, and in close collaboration with our Shared Service Center and key staff Henny introduced optimised routines in terms of invoice coding and approval workflows.

For Accounts Receivables Henny has assisted in creating new forms layouts and introducing updated workflows which are beneficial for our clients as well as for our employees.

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and find out how I may help you save time and money through process optimisation. Or send me an email. I would only be happy to pay you a visit to discuss the possibilities in closer detail.


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