Translations and Proofreading

My current standard rate is DKK 600 per hour exclusive of Danish VAT.

For large translation or proofreading assignments I would be happy to make a price estimate before I start up.

However, if you need me to perform the task urgently I shall invoice it at the lowest possible cost at DKK 600 per hour during business hours. If you require that I work outside business hours I would be happy to do so at an extra charge.

The minimum price for any translation or proofreading task is currently DKK 300 irrespective of word count. After the minimum of 30 minutes I charge units of 15 minutes.

Please refer to the boxes below for price examples for translations. Kindly note that all prices stated are minimum prices.

The price for your particular task is always calculated based on the nature of the text, complexity and extent.

In certain situations I may give you a fixed price.

Price Examples – Translations

  • Swedish to Danish
  • 5 pages/1600 words
  • Level of complexity medium
  • From DKK 3,000
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • English to Danish
  • 8 pages/2100 words
  • Level of complexity high
  • From DKK 4,000
General Conditions for Sale and Delivery
  • Danish to English
  • 5000 words
  • Level of complexity high
  • From DKK 9,000
Press Release
  • Swedish to Danish
  • 2 pages/500 words
  • Level of complexity medium
  • From DKK 900
If you know for a fact that the majority of your texts for translation or proofreading will be rather short, and they will be coming at fairly regular intervals, I can offer to do the jobs along the way and invoice you after a certain period of time. This approach is financially sound and ensures great flexibility and less administration for you.

Additional work required for adjusting layout in e.g. InDesign files will be charged according to elapsed time.

Necessary reconstruction of a document in order to prepare a quotation shall be charged separately as agreed. This may be the case for major contracts which are only available as a scanned PDF.

Call me on +45 30 63 84 89 or send me a mail if you have any questions.

PS: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a free sample of translation of 200 words or proofreading of 300 words. Check out my pages about translations and proofreading for more details.

Your Missing Link | YML v/Henny Jensen

Contact me on

+45 30 63 84 89


Expect an early reply when you contact Your Missing Link. Usually I can take on even comprehensive assignments at short notice.

Process Optimisation

My standard rate is currently DKK 1,050 per hour exclusive of Danish VAT.

By labour intensive process optimisation assignments you can obtain some favourable discounts as you can see from the boxes below:

  • You may book Your Missing Link up to 20 hours per week on average*
  • Every two weeks you will receive an invoice at DKK 1,050 per hour
  • After eight (8) working weeks I will sum up the total number of hours for the period
  • If there is a basis for a discount I shall deduct the discount from the next invoice
  • If the assignment is concluded and all invoices are paid in full you will get a refund.

*The 20 hours may be e.g. 15 hours in one week and 25 hours the following week depending on your requirements and my availability.

Prices and Discounts for Process Optimisation Assignments

1-37 hours
  • 1-37 hours within eight (8) working weeks
  • Hourly rate DKK 1,050
37-72 hours
  • 37-72 hours within eight (8) working weeks
  • Hourly rate DKK 945
  • You save from DKK 3,910 up to DKK 7,560
72-160 hours
  • 72-160 hours withing eight (8) working weeks
  • Hourly rate DKK 840
  • You save from DKK 15,175 up to DKK 33,600
Call me on +45 30 63 84 89 for an informal discussion about your specific requirements with regard to process optimisation. Let us  work out a solution to not only improve your bottom line, but also enhance staff satisfaction in your organisation.

Don’t miss your chance to get 30 minutes free counselling by phone.  Send me a mail and I will call you. No strings attached!


Send me an email or call me on +45 30 63 84 89 if you have any questions.


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