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Looking for Professional Danish English Translations?

Are you in need of an experienced translator who thoroughly studies what your Danish English translation is all about? Who spends time on doing careful research, and with whom you will have a good dialogue, in particular when it comes to extensive translation tasks?

Placing an order for a Danish English translation – or English Danish for that matter – which requires a meticulous approach is very much a matter of confidence. If you are not already fortunate enough to work with a translator who is familiar with your products, your business area, your target audience, etc., then finding the right match can be quite a challenge.

Get your Danish English translations or English Danish here - call +45 30 63 84 89 or mail to info@yml.dk

There are countless translation agencies and freelance translators who are dying to get work. Competition is fierce. You can easily find a translator or an agency who will accept Danish English translation tasks, or English Danish, at a low cost. In return, you must be prepared to accept that the quality reflects the cost.

If quality is more important for you than the cost I can most probably help with your Danish English translation and vice versa. Call me on +45 30 63 84 89 and let us discuss the details.

Read here how a happy client describes our co-operation re a major contract translation assignment.

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Expect an early reply when you contact Your Missing Link. Usually I can take on even comprehensive translation assignments at short notice.

Confidence and flexibility made the difference

An advanced contract language with legal and technical English constituted a major challenge for our busy project organisation. For this reason Strukton Rail decided to have an English contract translated into Danish to ensure that all involved employees would fully understand the terms of the contract.

Strukton Rail got quotations from two translators. At the end of the day we did not base our decision on the price (however, YML v/Henny Jensen did present the best proposal), but on the process and work schedule that Henny presented. She made a detailed plan which she followed through.

This being the first time Strukton Rail has decided to have an English contract translated it was important for us that we could discuss the assignment with YML v/Henny Jensen in confidence, and we had a firm conviction that Henny would carry out the task in a professional manner. From day one we had an ongoing dialogue about the status. Strukton Rail was pressed for time and Henny went out of her way to meet our expectations.

We warmly recommend YML v/Henny Jensen and will most certainly make use of her expertise on any future occasions.

Ole Sølvsteen

General Site Manager, Strukton Rail A/S

Your Missing Link is working on a Danish English translation

Why use Your Missing Link for Danish English translations or vice versa?

With me you get a Bilingual Commercial Correspondent from CBS who has worked with translations to and from Danish and English since the 1980’s.

Besides marketing texts I have long experience in translating technical and legal texts (click a link to see examples of texts you can have translated by me).

Moreover, I have done numerous medical translations such as applications for the European Medicines Agency.

Transport technical terms no barrier

In connection with an international sales promotion campaign for our educational material TUR Forlag wanted to have a chapter on the wheel suspension of a lorry translated from Danish into English.

We assigned Henny Jensen the task in view of her long experience in technical translations.

The result was a professional and thoroughly prepared translation in which Henny knew how to incorporate the specific technical terms that apply to the transport industry. We would not hesitate to assign Henny any future translation tasks.

Annette Klubien

Forlagschef, TUR Forlag

Do you want a fixed price for your Danish English or English Danish translation?

If you want a fixed price I advise you to send me the original document. The reason is that there may be things in the layout that I need to be aware of in order to give you the right price.

The price for a Danish English translation or vice versa depends on volume, complexity, and when you need the translation.

Example: Press release English-Danish, 500 words, medium complexity – from DKK 900.

Use a Bilingual Commercial Correspondent for your Danish English translations

If you need help with an urgent translation task I can usually help out at short notice.

Ask for a non-binding offer for your Danish into English translation. Or English into Danish.

If you have texts to be translated on a continuous basis you can profitably opt for a collaboration agreement.

 Want to know more? Call me on +45 30 63 84 89. Or e-mail me on info@yml.dk.

Technical and legal language was key

A profound knowledge of technical and legal language was key when choosing Henny as translator of our quotation templates as well as our general conditions for sale and delivery between Swedish, Danish and English.

Henny also translates our newsletters from Swedish into Danish at regular intervals as she is highly familiar with the industry-specific terms thanks to her many years of work in the graphic industry.

Bjarne Petersen

Nordic Sales Executive - Industrial Printing, VISUTECH A/S

Get a sample translation

Would you like to be sure of the quality before you order a translation from Your Missing Link?

Right now you can get a sample translation of up to 200 words from Danish to English or vice versa at no charge. Value DKK 300-500 depending on the nature of the text.

This offer applies to companies and organisations who have not previously done business with YML v/Henny Jensen.

Type SAMPLE TRANSLATION in the subject field of your e-mail.

Call me on +45 30 63 84 89 if you have any questions.

Give me a sample translation!

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