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Can’t find the time to do great translations? Perhaps you don’t have the skills?

You realise that a professional translation of your brochures, technical manuals, web texts, press releases, etc. is a must to generate trust in you and your business.

You are also well aware that a poor translation, or poor language in general, is likely to scare off potential clients – and they will never return!

Now you can get help to safeguard your credibility. Read on to find out how – and understand why good and proper language is so important, and sometimes even paramount!

But first, check out this testimonial from a happy client:

Translations of a high quality and in a hurry if need be. Contact Your Missing Link on +45 30 63 84 89

Contact me on

+45 30 63 84 89


Expect an early reply when you contact Your Missing Link. Usually I can take on even comprehensive tasks at short notice.

Availability and attention to detail much appreciated

Atlas Copco Construction Technique needs to have press releases and other marketing materials of a technical nature translated from Swedish and English into Danish. Thanks to YML v/Henny Jensen we get high-quality translations.

Our co-operation is smooth with a regular and good dialogue, and Henny’s availability and attention to detail is much appreciated. She also clearly explains why she has translated something in a specific way or if she is in doubt as to certain terms which is a very good quality.

I warmly recommend YML v/Henny Jensen for e.g. technical translations.

Tobias Siöström

Marketing Communications Manager, Atlas Copco Construction Technique Scandinavia

Have your sales copy translated in a quality  your clients and bottom line will appreciate

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Brochures and marketing flyers

You can submit your copy as Word, Excel, or InDesign files.

If the brochure or flyer is creatively ready-to-print I recommend that you send me the InDesign file in order to maintain the layout.

This way you also eliminate the need for later DTP work. 


If your ad is graphically ready for press it would be a good idea to send me the InDesign file so that I may consider layout and dimensions during my translation.

Press releases

Press releases are usually submitted in Word as this facilitates copy-pasting for the journalist.

Let me know if you want me to leave parts of the text untranslated (e.g. contact details and other general information).

Direct mails

If your direct mail is ready to print I advise that you send me the InDesign file for me to pay attention to the layout.

Sales letters and quotations

Sales letters and quotations are usually done in Word but you are most welcome to submit the copy in a different format.

Should you need my assistance to do a layout of the letter or quotation with pictures I would be glad to help out.


Most often presentations are done in Power Point but you can submit them in other file formats.

If you need more than just the translation, e.g. editing of animations, just let me know.

Web texts

Web texts are typically provided in Excel if they must be translated into several languages. Obviously, you can also submit them in Word.

To ensure the best possible translation it is a very good idea to provide me with links and/or pictures so that I may understand the context. A word may have several meanings to it, and picking the correct one can be difficult if it is not clear where the word or phrase is to be used.

Get accurate technical and legal translations of a high quality

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Technical instruction manuals

For more than 30 years I have translated technical instruction manuals within many and very diverse fields. Through this work I have gained extensive insight and experience with technical terms.

Product data sheets

Correct technical terms are particularly important when it comes to product data sheets as the readers of such sheets are often customers with a great technical insight into the subject area in question.

Material safety data sheets

Material safety data sheets (MSDS) typically contain a highly advanced language and content which is not easy to translate and which requires meticulousness and great attention to detail. I have long experience in translating various kinds of MSDS.

Service agreements

No two service agreements are alike. Some are fairly straightforward whereas others are more extensive.

Over the years I have translated many service agreements for various industries, among others the compressed air industry and the graphic industry.

Tender documents

Calls for tenders often involve a considerable amount of literature to be translated with a very tight deadline.

I have translated tender documents within highly diversified areas such as canteen, cleaning, and reception solutions as well as property management and waste management.

And I fully understand when a task is urgent.

Legal contracts

Legal contracts can be very diverse.

The largest assignment I have solved to date within this field contained more than 500 pages and was a combination of highly advanced legal and technical language.

General conditions for sale and delivery

Over the years I have translated general conditions for sale and delivery in many different forms and language pairs.

Often you cannot just do a direct translation of the entire text as some of the terms and conditions must be adopted to national conditions (known as localisation) and any industry-specific standards.

In such cases I will draw your attention to the parts that must be localised, and together we will work out the correct phrasing.

Your Missing Link in the process of translating an article. Do you have an article you want translated? Call me on +45 30 63 84 89
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Increase your bottom line with precise translations

With top class translations you can avoid misunderstandings.

  • You prevent that potential clients doubt your proficiency.
  • You send a signal that you are in control of your business.
  • You ensure focus on your message instead of language errors.

Trust in you is the #1 requirement for any potential client to even consider proceeding to the next step in the buying process. Knowingly or unknowingly. That’s how it is.

What else do they compromise on?

On many occasions I have rejected vendors and potential business partners who have obviously not bothered to have their texts proofread or get a proper translation

Regardless of the type of goods or services.

Because what else do they compromise on?

What do YOU compromise on?

Well, probably not translations since you are reading this.

So, if you recognise yourself in any one of these statements:

… the good news is that Your Missing Link has long experience with it all.

Give me a call on +45 30 63 84 89 or e-mail me on to discuss your task.

Do you need translations into other languages?

You can have your texts translated from Danish into Swedish or any other language pairs by way of my business partners who focus as much on quality as I do.

Assign all your language tasks to Your Missing Link and avoid the hassle of having to coordinate several vendors. This will free up time for you to make more money.

Get in touch on +45 30 63 84 89 if you have any questions.

PS: With me you will get no machine translations! Behind the screen is a human being who keeps your purpose and target audience in view when working on your text.

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If you are a corporation or an organisation and you are not already a client of mine you can get a free sample translation of up to 200 words.

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