Are you in need of a fast, efficient and independent proofreader? Who will optimise your texts and who is not constrained by usual business hours?

Be it advertisements, marketing flyers, press releases, direct mails, sales letters, presentations, quotations, tenders or legal documents I can proofread all your texts in English and Danish. In particular, I am well experienced in proofreading technically advanced literature which requires a certain knowledge and understanding of technical terminology.

Proofreading and language reviewsYour Missing Link aka Henny Jensen in the act of proofreading

If you need ”slightly more than a proofreader” I can adjust existing texts and enhance the contents. And, if you so require, add a promotional twist to them.

When assigning proofreading tasks to Your Missing Link you can rest assured that you will get your corrected texts at the agreed deadline. And I will deliver the proofread text in a manner that makes it easy for you to check what exactly I have corrected.

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Scandinavia
Åsa Jacobsson, Project Leader CRM Scandinavia

Delivers beyond our expectations

Henny Jensen delivers quickly and communicates clearly. Her quality of work often exceeds our expectations.

Hennys has a strong track record with Atlas Copco. Her services have helped our organisation quickly ensure a high quality and provide accurate translations and validations.

A vast amount of technical literature needs to be created and translated in connection with Atlas Copco’s regionalisation within Scandinavia. The fact that Atlas Copco clients have high technical skills makes heavy demands on the quality and contents of product and application literature.

Atlas Copco will continue to work with YML v/Henny Jensen as the cooperation is smooth and the level of quality is high.

Journalist Majbritt Lund
Majbritt Lund, journalist and author

Super professional proofreading

I warmly recommend Henny Jensen for your proofreading assignments.

Henny has proofread several of my newsletters and a press release. She submits her corrections quickly, spots some important details and communicates her proposed corrections clearly which facilitates implementation in my newsletter system.

Despite the fact that I am a journalist by education I always use a proofreader for my newsletters. In this way I make sure not to overlook a mistake and I can concentrate on writing reader-friendly content.

Atlas Copco Rental Danmark
Michael Nøhr-Petersen, Territory Manager

Michael Nøhr-Petersen, Territory Manager Atlas Copco RentalMarketing with a twinkle in the eye

”What to do when you are out of breath or short of energy?” Henny is the originator of this slogan, with reference to our air compressors and generators.

Whenever we need to create or adapt marketing flyers the work is performed in a constructive ping-pong dialogue and with a short lead time.

This also applies to translations and proofreading where Henny speaks the ”Atlas Copco language” thanks to her many years in the compressed air industry. 

Get an offer for proofreading

Need help with proofreading? Give me a call on +45 30 63 84 89 for an informal chat about the task, or send me an email.



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