Efficient and Professional Swedish-Danish translations

You think you can do a Swedish-Danish translation just as well as any skilled translator?

You’ve got a point in thinking that at first glance Swedish may seem fairly easy to translate into Danish. After all, this is Scandinavia, and Denmark and Sweden are sister nations with related languages. 

So why spend time and money on getting a professional translation?

Let me tell you what.

Through the years I have translated several hundreds Swedish texts into Danish, such as press releases, brochures, and product data sheets.

Quite often I come across specific technical words in Swedish where I have to dive deep into my brain and carry out extensive research in order to find the exact Danish match.

This goes to show that Swedish is NOT just a kinky version of Danish. Swedish is a language you need to take just as seriously as English if you want to end up with a good Danish text.

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Expect an early reply when you contact Your Missing Link. Usually I can take on even comprehensive translation assignments at short notice.

Your Missing Link translates from Swedish to Danish, or Swedish to English
Your Missing Link translates and reviews your technical and legal documents

Don’t panic – the solution is right at hand!

Your Missing Link can help you with professional Swedish-Danish translations, most often even at short notice.

I have +35 years experience with technical language in particular – also in Swedish. Marketing terms in sales copy is another specialty of mine.

Check out which sales copy texts I can translate and how. And which technical and legal texts you may ask me to translate.

By the way, I also translate Swedish to English

But what do my clients say? Check it out here: 

Knowledge of the graphic industry is definitely an advantage

At regular intervals Henny translates our newsletters from Swedish into Danish as she has an extensive knowledge of the industry-specific terms thanks to her long career in the graphic industry.

Moreover, she fully appreciates the importance of short lead times in view of the novelty value for this type of texts, which is another important aspect in our cooperation with Henny.

Bjarne Petersen

Nordic Sales Executive - Industrial Printing, VISUTECH A/S

Great support in my work with Danish texts

Over the past few years Henny has been helping out with translations, proofreading, and editing Swedish and English texts into Danish. She is a great support for me in my work with the Danish market as my native tongue is Swedish, and I work from Sweden.  

Henny is meticulous, highly reliable and much at home in communication matters.

Hanna von Knorring

Marketing Communications Manager, Atlas Copco Construction Technique

Need professional and reliable help with Swedish-Danish translations? Or perhaps Swedish-English?

Send your copy to info@yml.dk. I will then take a look and give you a price estimate for translation.

You are most welcome to give me a call on +45 30 63 84 89 if you would like to discuss the job with me first.

I look forward to helping you with professional translations from Swedish to Danish, or Swedish to English. You can look forward to appearing trustworthy in the eyes of your target audience. Call now!


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